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In 2002, we had the following survey results from our middle school students:
- 1 out of 5 drank alcohol
- 1 out of 10 smoked marijuana
- 1 out of 50 took pharmaceutical drugs without doctor’s order

But from high school students:
- 2 out of 5 drank alcohol
- 1 out of 4 smoked marijuana
- 1 out of 10 took pharmaceutical drugs without doctor’s order

You know how some fashion styles make a come back and they become really cool? Call it Retro…Vintage… Well, there was a marijuana called "Acapulco Gold" or "Mexico Gold" back in the 60s. (Before MY time!) Guess what? You got it! There is a "new" type of marijuana grown at the Myakka River -by the alligators, I must add! - that is much more potent than the regular kind. Street names are "Hydro" (because it's grown in water), "Fire" (because of its potency), and "Myakka Gold" (nostalgia?). It cost $20 a joint! And it isn't a big joint either.

As wild as this may sound, that's NOT the worse thing going on "out there"… Stay tuned.

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What happened this past August? Most likely you either read, heard, or saw the news on the five youth who died within the same week of drug overdoses. It was a shock to the community and undeniably a devastating experience to their parents, relatives, and friends. Perhaps they were somebody you knew… But how well?

When it happened, there were many speculations regarding the cause of death. Methadone was at the top of the list, but so was a “drug cocktail”. Well, on November we learned that three of the five youth, ages 17 to 23, died of a “lethal combination of pain killers, depressants, and cannabinoids”. (Bradenton Herald) The report says that one of the drugs alone would not have resulted in death, but the combination was enough to kill them.

Get the facts about these drugs. ( Learn the ‘real deal’ about them. Don’t follow a trend that may lead you to the grave… somebody is going to really miss you.

The Young Adult Center, located at 1400 Ogden Road in Venice, Florida, is a huge building that area youth are about to convert into their own place for innovative youth-driven activities. The Center will offer creative arts, music, food, business mentoring, service learning and much more! For more info call Ed Eagan at 416-2602.

* to be re-named by the Youth Board before the grand opening.

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