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Analysis of Community Attitudes on Substance Abuse

Sarasota Coalition on Substance Abuse, Inc. (SCoSA) was interested in learning more about the community’s attitudes toward substance abuse and perceptions of SCoSA and its role in Sarasota County. SCoSA conducted a series on focus groups in September, 2004. The groups were composed of representatives of key stakeholder groups that included law enforcement, fire and rescue, judicial system, city and county government, school administration, healthcare, the media, and business. We are using the findings of their discussions to strengthen our strategic and development planning processes.

Focus Group Report

Community Report Card

SCOPE (Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Sarasota County through processes that engage residents. They create the Community Report Card as a tool that people in our community can use to better understand Sarasota County. The report is filled with well over 100 community indicators that annually reflect trends across many facets of community life. These community indicators are bits of information that tell stories about the place in which we live. The indicators show us where we stand today and also where we have been. Click on the link below for the Community Report Card, which is available in PDF format.

Community Outcome Targets

In December 2003, the Community Alliance adopted a set of community outcome targets. Many of these have a relationship to substance abuse and addiction. In February 2004, additional outcome targets were added in the areas of Positive Youth Development, Substance Abuse, Healthcare and Abuse, Neglect and Violent Behavior. Click on the link below for this document, which is available in PDF format.

The Community Alliance's Planning and Outcome Work Group is currently working together with Sarasota County's Human Services Advisory Council and SCOPE to develop additional outcome targets. The work group is utilizing the results of a survey conducted among 9th and 11th graders in the Sarasota County Public School system in January 2003. The link below shows "The Communities That Care Sarasota County High Schools Youth Survey" report, which is available in PDF format.

The results of the survey conducted in December 2003 among 6th and 8th graders in the Sarasota County Public School system is pending. We will provide an update once the results are available for release.

Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey (FYSAS)

The Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey is a collaborative effort between the Florida Departments of Health, Education, Children and Families, Juvenile Justice, and the Governor's Office of Drug Control. The survey is based on the "Communities That Care® (CTC)" survey, assessing risk and protective factors for substance abuse, in addition to substance abuse prevalence. The survey was first administered to Florida's middle and high school students during the 1999-2000 school years, and is repeated annually in the spring.

In even years, the CTC survey is administered simultaneously with the Florida Youth Tobacco Survey. They sample enough students to generate data applicable at the County and Florida Department of Children and Families district levels. In odd years, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the Youth Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey are also added to the CTC survey. All surveys are administered to a statewide sample of students. For details on the FYSAS survey, click the link below.

Risk and Protective Factor Indicators

The Development Services Group Model has identified several community indictors to evaluate risk and protective factors. The indicators outline factors that may promote undesirable youth behavior and factors that may protect youth from harmful and unhealthy behaviors. SCoSA and Sarasota County Juvenile Justice Council’s Prevention Policy Board utilized these forms to assist in the identification of critical areas and the creation of the County’s Three Year Plan for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention. Furthermore, we will evaluate our prevention efforts by monitoring these indicators.

Risk Factor Indicators
Protection Factor Indicators

Sarasota County Prevention Policy Board and the Three Year Plan for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

The purpose of the Sarasota County Prevention Policy Board was to develop the Three Year Plan for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, ensure its implementation, and accomplish the Board’s mission. The 3-Year Plan, as it is commonly known, provides information on services for youth, ages 0 to 15, in two target communities: North Sarasota (zip code 34234) and North Port (zip code 34287).

The Plan focuses upon reduction of the most elevated risk factors: Community Crime; Negative Attitudes towards School/School Dropout; and Antisocial Behavior/Early Onset of Alcohol and Other Drug Use. Additionally, it focuses upon the increase of the most suppressed protective factors: Community Opportunities for Participation; High Expectations (in School); and Social Competencies. Through the promotion of evidence-based practices we expect to achieve the outcomes stated in the Plan. The Sarasota County Juvenile Justice Council has oversight responsibilities.

Three Year Plan:
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