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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate a virtual tour?
Our Virtual Tours can pan in all four directions and zoom in and out. To navigate around a Virtual Tour, simply click and hold down the left mouse button on the virtual image and drag your mouse around to move the image. You can also use the cursor (arrow) keys to move around the 360° tour. To zoom in use "a" on your keyboard. To zoom out use "z" on your keyboard.

Are the virtual tours created with a video camera?
No. All tours use a parabolic lens that captures the full 360° image with one snap of the digital camera.

What are Java Full 360° images?
Special formats of full 360° images which are compatible with the Java based Viewer. The Java Viewer provides users of Internet Explorer 3 (and up) and Netscape 3 (and up) the ability to view full 360° images without special plug-ins or viewers.

When I clicked on a Full 360° image, the page indicated that it was fully loaded but I can't see the image.
Internet screens are sent in "batches" that are transmitted and arrive separately. Full 360° images are likely larger than other screen content. It often takes 20-40 seconds to download an entire image, depending on the modem speed and internet traffic. Please allow enough time to download the whole image and let it decompress before trying to navigate within it.

I clicked on a thumbnail of a Full 360° image but nothing happened.
Some browsers and operating systems require you to double-click instead of single click. Try double-clicking on the image and see if this makes it work.

On my Macintosh, when I first download a Full 360° image, the screen went blank and my system seemed to lock.
Your probably don't have enough memory allocated to the application. This is particularly true in the case of Macintosh computers using the Netscape browser. Simply raise the memory allocation for Netscape to at least 9MB (or more) and you should be able to view Full 360° images.